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Nina Zeitlin / Matt Kelly

Written for an educational vocabulary acquisition project that was released by Kaplan Test Prep and Pearson Publishing in 2005, this song was featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and performed live on NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Nina Zeitlin

Written by Erin Downing. Produced by Grammy-Nominated Larry Dvoskin.

Nina Zeitlin / Tomas Cataldo
Blue Moon Artifacts

Collaboration between Mike Pandolfo, Tavi Fields, and Nina Zeitlin

Nina Zeitlin

Each year, Comedy Central puts together an amazing night of comedy to benefit Autism Speaks called Night of Too Many Stars. If you saw the show 2015, you may remember Maya Rudolph's opening number (here's the video). I had the great pleasure of working with the producers to provide the reference vocals for the song. There are an incredible amount of lyrics so kudos to Maya for killing it live! Here's my version...